Friday, May 7, 2010

Spice up your blog with free or low-cost photos

A photo can make the difference between whether someone reads--or skips--your financial blog post.

Here are some free or low-cost sources for photos you can use in your blog and elsewhere. 

  1. stock.xchg -- I've used this source without any problems
  2. Flickr's Creative Commons licensed content
  3. morgueFile
Make sure you carefully read--and abide by--the licensing agreements for each photo. Photos on the same website may have different requirements.

I learned about some of these sources from @LawWriting and @ErikSherman. Thanks, Marilyn and Erik!

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  1. Great idea Susan. Visual image is so important. A picture can really help tell the story, create a mood, get a point across, etc. Fun too.

    Lori Johnson
    Your Best Image

  2. Lori,

    Thanks for your comment. As a writer, I must remind myself about the importance of images. I tend to overemphasize words.

  3. Also check out, another resource I found through the generosity of @LawWriting


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