Thursday, May 6, 2010

How I've benefited from Twitter

"Has being active in social media helped you grow your business?"

This question from a wealth manager set me thinking. Most of my new business still comes through old-fashioned referrals from people whom I've met face-to-face. But that's changing thanks to social media, especially Twitter. There's no doubt that my Twitter has helped my business. I see three main benefits.

#1 Bigger network of experts
When I've got a problem to solve, I can now call on a much bigger network of experts for help. This has been especially helpful with my technology challenges, where @RussThornton, @BillWinterberg, @RussellDunkin, @Blano, and @KristenLuke have been particularly helpful. This is just a sampling of my expert sources. There are many, many other experts on Twitter whom I've learned from.

#2 Bigger pool of prospective clients
Twitter has expanded my newsletter circulation, which is an important source of new clients. For example, most of my teleclass students have been newsletter subscribers for awhile. I've consistently gained more new subscribers post-Twitter than pre-Twitter.

One of my favorite clients found me through Twitter, got to know me better through my newsletter, and then became a client.

# 3 Convenient way to network and socialize
Twitter keeps me from feeling isolated as a solo entrepreneur. It also suits my style. I can hop off a work project for 10 minutes, read and chat with some folks, and then settle back to work. I don't need to spend an hour schlepping into Boston on the commuter rail and then an hour coming back.

Feeling happier from brief spurts of socializing help me to focus better when I'm doing actual work.

There are other benefits, too. But these three are enough to keep me tweeting.
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  1. Thanks for the mention, Susan. I certainly consider you part of my small group of "go-to" resources on Twitter and always appreciate and value your opinion on things.

    And I'm happy to see you're keeping up with you goal of daily writing in May. I've enjoyed seeing these posts.

  2. Social media has changed my LIFE. Since I started working 4 years ago I have struggled to find my direction and purpose- for me social media was the answer. Now I hope to get my Ph.D in Social Media/Communication!

  3. Andrea,
    That sure is a big change. Good luck with your pursuit of graduate studies!

  4. Susan,

    It's a privilege to be named in your short list of resources!

    I'll add that our connection through Twitter has led to several referrals for you. People contact me for writing or website copy requests. I don't cater to that industry, but I know you do, so I've referred several individuals over to you that you likely would have never met otherwise.

    So add that example to the list how Twitter is beneficial to your career development!

  5. Bill,

    Thanks again for your referrals!

  6. Susan,

    Thanks for including me! I have had a similar experience as you have in regards to opening up a new network of friends and advisors that otherwise wouldn't have been possible. In addition, I've attended 2 conferences in the past 4 months where I've gone in "knowing" 4-5 people prior to attending. That certainly makes it easier to meet new people as well as learn more before & after the conference.

  7. Russell,
    I find that I feel so much more relaxed when I go to conference knowing some folks ahead of time. This is an excellent benefit of Twitter.


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