Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Twitter to the rescue of my colleague with a RFP dilemma

Twitter can be mighty handy in a pinch. Especially when used in combination with other social media. That's what I learned from the response to my colleague's RFP dilemma.

My colleague asked me to post his dilemma on my blog, so I wrote it up as "RFP dilemma: What should my colleague do?" I figured that a blog post alone wouldn't draw helpful responses, so I tweeted--and emailed some colleagues on LinkedIn--for help. 

Within an hour, I received five constructive comments on my blog post plus some tweets.The exchange raised some issues that I'd never thought of before. For example, the fact that an RFP may be considered part of a contract.

This illustrates social media at its best. 

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the conversation!

Nov. 13 update: A reader recently asked "What's an RFP?" 

RFP is short for request for proposal. It's a questionnaire that businesses fill out to compete for a prospect's business. 

In the investment industry, institutional investors often use RFPs in their investment manager selection process. You can read more about this topic in "How to Create an Investment Management Request for Proposal."

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