Monday, July 28, 2008

Optimism watch: The case for maximum pessimism

Is the stock market getting you down? I'm starting an "Optimism watch" on this blog. 

In "Optimism watch" posts, I'll highlight the case that other writers make for you and your clients to hang in there.

Let's start with a quote from "Nowhere to Hide: Foreign Funds are Falling, Too," from Morningstar's Bridget Hughes.
...before you fall into deep despair, I'd remind you that the late Sir John Templeton made a highly successful career investing where he saw "maximum pessimism." We've been here before. Markets are cyclical. Keeping a truly long-term perspective (10 years or more) can be liberating, and you may realize this is a time to add to your holdings.
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  1. Susan, your content is interesting and helpful; I subscribe via RSS. The increase in dire sounding questions on LinkedIn Wealth Management/Personal Finance led me to wonder if that might be a contrary indicator (please see my answer to this question: From time to time I post under and maintain the Predictably Irrational and AAII groups on LinkedIn. J. Smith

  2. Jonathan,

    Thank you for your comment!

    The link to your question on LinkedIn didn't work. Is the following the question to which you referred?


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