Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Which blogging platform should I use?

If you're not yet blogging, you're probably wondering which blogging platform to use.

WordPress seems the most popular. If I were starting my blog today, I'd probably go with WordPress rather than Blogger. I'm no expert on blogging platforms, so you'll find below some opinions from folks who know more than me.

Technology specialist Bill Winterberg told me via Twitter that he prefers Wordpress "because if you need new functions, there's likely a plugin available. Support and forums are comprehensive, too." Speaking of plugins, Bill told me about Akismet, a spam-blocking plug-in that's available for WordPress, but not Blogger. By the way, as I understand it, a plug-in is software that expands the capabilities of a larger piece of software--but don't quote me on that.

The Tech for Luddites blog, written by my friend Elizabeth Kricfalusi, compares Blogger vs. TypePad vs. WordPress in "Picking a Platform for Your Blog." She also favors WordPress. If you're a non-technical person with computer questions, you may enjoy her blog, with its motto, "Increase Proficiency. Decrease Profanity." 

For a blogging platform comparison from another source, check out the "Blogger vs. WordPress Comparison Table 2010."

WordPress was also the choice of the financial advisors who took my recent class on "How to Write Blog Posts People Will Read" (next session starts April 22).
I'd be happy to get comments on this post from those of you who are more knowledgeable about blogging platforms.
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  1. There is no doubt I would go with Wordpress due to the SEO and plugins available. Additionally, there are plenty of very attractive free or low cost themes that will make your blog look great.

  2. Chad,
    Thank you for chiming in! It's helpful to get confirmation from other bloggers.


  3. One more thing. I confirmed that I can use the Wordpress editor on an iPad to update blog posts. The caveat is the HTML editor needs to be used to enter text, rather than the what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor.

    Despite the caveat, I think it's good to have the capability of adding a short blog post using an iPad for certain circumstances.

  4. Thanks, Bill, I know that's important for you early adapters of new technology.

    Using the HTML editor would challenge a techno-Luddite like me.

  5. Susan so glad you wrote about this topic. I believe that Wordpress is a terrific platform for blogging and I have spent significant time with most of the platforms. Squarespace is also a nice platform, but the advantages of Wordpress continue to outweigh the others. Structurally out of the box Wordpress is very sound for SEO purposes. In addition, the vast array of plug-ins available, as well as the ability to customize your site are big advantages. Financial advisors are in the business of giving professional advice, therefore their blog site should be professionally structured as well! We use Wordpress for all of the Wired Advisor blog sites.

  6. Stephanie,
    It's great to have the perspective of some you focuses on advisor blogs, thank you! Also, I'd never heard of SquareSpace before, so I learned something new.

  7. Susan, as a survivor (just barely) of Joomla, a continuing struggler with Drupal and a fast and easy breezy user of WordPress, my support goes to WordPress without hesitation.

    The SEO attributes have already been addressed so I'll add a few user notes. WordPress' image handling capability is a time-saver and its auto save feature is very comforting. All in all, I find it more forgiving for busy communicators.

    Great topic, thanks for posting.

  8. I found the Wordpress app for iPad last night. No more HTML editing necessary, though the Wordpress app interface takes a little getting used to when adding images and links.

  9. For the WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org decision, see http://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/

    Thanks to CPBI-ICRA (http://twitter.com/CPBI_ICRA) for this recommendation!

  10. I use Wordpress mostly because I had heard good things about so I gave it a try as a free one-click install from my webhost. Prior to that, my blogs were very blank as I struggled to learn Dreamweaver. Now, I don't even have to bother with any coding because the various plugins make life so easy.

  11. I use Wordpress primarily, and blogger for a few smaller less important (or with less quality) blog projects. Never tried Typepad, but I don't have the money to use the service even if I wanted to. I'm happy with Wordpress and wouldn't dream of changing.

  12. Hi, Susan,

    As you see, the consensus is for Wordpress. It's not too late for you! There is a way to transfer your previous posts from Blogger to WP. You can find somebody who can do it for you, I'm sure.

    And when we say Wordpress, we're talking about putting the software on your own domain. You can get web hosting for peanuts, and if you get a host with Cpanel such as Hostgator, you can install Wordpress is a few minutes.

    For a little money, you can find someone to design a unique theme for you.

    And there are even bigger of issues. Frankly, using a free blog doesn't look as professional these days.

    And the fate of your blog is in the hands of Google, who has been known to delete blogs overnight. It's happened to other people, and may never happen to you - but why take a chance?

    My 2 cents.


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