Friday, April 9, 2010

What students say about "How to Write Blog Posts People Will Read: A 5-Week Teleclass for Financial Advisors"

The investment and wealth managers who've taken my writing class, "How to Write Blog Posts People Will Read: A 5-Week Teleclass for Financial Advisors," have enjoyed it. 

Here's a sampling of what my students have said on their evaluation forms and in phone calls with me.

*  What was valuable for me was the structure. The handouts, the thesis statement, the rules.

*  Your class delivered exactly what it promised.

*  The best part for me was having my work edited and critiqued by a professional.

*  Susan is onto something unique. There's no one else doing exactly what she does.
*  The class is great! I'm really getting a huge amount of value -- there really is a process to writing.
*  Any advisor who's serious about blogging should take this class.

*  Susan's coaching is a classic case of "under-promise, over-deliver." I highly recommend her as a writing coach or teacher. Her coaching has improved the quality of writing in my blog posts. My writing skills were very rusty when we started. Susan's practical, insightful suggestions--along with her Blog Post Preparation Worksheet--have been an incredibly valuable resource.

*  I have Susan's checklist out on my desk to help me review my blog posts.

*  You really helped me with how to organize my thoughts before writing.
* I liked how you gave us outside-the-box ideas. 

* You really helped me by saying that not everyone can immediately write everything down right
*  I would sign up for another class with you.  Have you thought about offering a class about writing emails?

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I'd like to thank the great students who made teaching this class such a pleasure!

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