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How to guest- blog on personal finance or investments, Part II: Blogs that accept guest posts from financial advisors

Guest posts can launch investment and wealth managers into the blogosphere. This follow-up to "How to guest-blog on personal finance or investments, Part I," gives you names of blogs to target for guest posts. 

Investment blogs that accept guest posts
The granddaddy of investing blogs is Seeking Alpha, which publishes its submission guidelines. To be considered you must "Write about a  stock, sector, ETF or theme that is actionable for U.S.-based investors." 

Advisor Perspectives isn't a blog. But it publishes blog-like--and much longer--commentaries from registered investment advisors on "the market, the economy, or investment strategy," according to its submission guidelines. Disclosure: I occasionally have the pleasure of writing for Advisor Perspectives, although I write for them as a reporter rather than as a commentator. 

Personal finance blogs that accept guest posts

Wise Bread, which reports receiving one million page views monthly, provides its writers' guidelines on its "Guest Writer Showcase." Thanks to Aaron Pinkston of Clarifinancial for bringing this site to my attention. 

Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents likes Wise Bread, too. He also shared the names of some additional blogs where he has been a guest, including
* Get Rich Slowly   
* Consumerism Commentary
* Cash Money Life
* Moolanomy
* Bargaineering  

Other blogs worth targeting
Your business niche may also have blogs that will accept your posts and help you educate your target audience.

Through my work with fiduciary advisors, I've become familiar with the fi360 blog. @Fiduciary360 told me that guest posts may be possible. However, "I should say that we'd want exclusive content from a guest blogger. We'd rather just link if it's on their blog as well."

Another potential target: your local newspaper's blog. Its reach may be small, but it could yield some great prospects close to your office. 

What else?
Have I missed any great tips for guesting between this post and my earlier post on this topic? Please chime in. I'd like to learn from you.
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  1. Hi Susan, interesting series!

    May I add as another blog ( that invites guest posts from advisors? A difference between our blog and trade or personal finance blogs is that we'd be interested in what advisors have to say about using Twitter or social media in general.

    If your readers or teleclass students are interested, please ask them to reach us via or @AdvisorTweets on Twitter. While we can't offer WiseBread's 1 million monthly views, it would be added visibility and another link in the advisor's climb up the search engine rankings!


  2. RT @jdroth: ... Want your guest post published at Get Rich Slowly? Follow the submission guidelines:

  3. Its reach may be small, but it could yield some great prospects close to your office.

  4. Hey Ms. Weiner! You know, I've been doing guest posting for a while now and I haven't seen my ranking increases immediately (except on Alexa). I think people are so fixated on their ranking statistics that they'll think guest posting hasn't got any benefits whatsoever. I'm trying to get over that, haha. I'll be writing for those sites you mentioned, thanks a lot for providing that personal finance guest blog links!


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