Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Make your clients smile, while you stay safe from lawyers

Making a client smile can bring your meeting one step closer to a successful result. 

So, consider using a cartoon about the economy or stock market. It's easy to find them by searching CartoonBank.com, a collection from the New Yorker

Could you use the cartoon described by the following caption?
I got out of tulips after the market collapsed, but I’m slowly getting back in. Especially pink ones.” 
Or, how about this one?
“Actually, ‘Monkey see, monkey do’ has served me quite well in this market.”
When you license cartoons for use in presentations, you keep yourself safe from charges of copyright infringement. Lawyers can't come after you. That's an added benefit. 

Have you used cartoons successfully in your presentations?

Susan B. Weiner, CFA
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  1. Hi,

    Have a look at CartoonStock also ( http://www.CartoonStock.com ) - they have an even larger selection of cartoons in a huge variety of styles.


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