Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reader question: How can I share my investment commentary on LinkedIn?

You can use LinkedIn, yet stay within your compliance officer's guidelines, by sharing approved materials through your LinkedIn "status line." I often suggest this to investment managers and financial advisors. 

So I wasn't surprised to receive an email saying, "Help! Please remind me how to share a link to my investment commentary on LinkedIn." 

Here's my answer.

Step 1 Shorten the URL that takes readers to your commentary. The URL for your commentary is probably be too long for the limits of LinkedIn's status updates, especially because you need text to lure readers to your commentary. This is when link shorteners come in handy. You can use a free service, such as TinyURL.com. To shorten your link, simply follow the directions at the link shortening website of your choice.

Step 2 Enter your text into LinkedIn. When you go to your LinkedIn home page, you'll see below your Inbox the Network Updates section.  Type your text into the box. If your commentary is provocative, you might say something like "You won't believe what I'm saying about the stock market  http://tinyurl.com/....." LinkedIn automatically converts URLs beginning with http:// into live links.

Hit the Share button and your investment commentary becomes available to folks on LinkedIn.

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  1. Susan, excellent ideas! I tried out the tiny url site and find it to be quite helpful. Thanks!

  2. David,

    There are lots of other link shortening sites. I started with tinyURL because it's the easiest name for people to remember.

    You might also check out bit.ly, which I believe lets you track how many people click on your link. I use ow.ly because it's built into HootSuite, which I use for Twitter.

    Gosh, you're up early this morning...


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