Monday, January 4, 2010

I LOVE this fixed income presentation!

"Bonds should be boring." That's what one head of fixed income of fixed income used to tell me. But that doesn't mean that fixed income presentations should be boring.

Northern Trust has published the most enjoyable fixed income presentation I've ever seen. It's called "Fixed Income: Almost A Bedtime Story."

What's so great about this post?
-- Simple message, plain language
-- Uncluttered pages
-- Sense of humor -- Oh my goodness! Northern Trust wrote an amusing disclosure on slide #23. "Psst: Fixed income may also be volatile in the future."

These are characteristics that you can strive for in your presentations, though humor is a bit tricky. I think you need lots of experience grappling with compliance to find the laughs in slide #23's disclosure. 

I would like to shake the hands of the team that created this presentation. It's amazingly good. If it spawns imitators, that'll be a great development for the folks who currently snooze through deadly presentations.

Susan B. Weiner, CFA
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  1. Susan, we LOVE that you loved our SlideShare presentation.

    Not everyone considers fixed-income investing as exciting as we do, we realize. So, we thought we’d meet our public more than halfway by developing a new language (word equations, if you will) to keep financial advisors and their clients updated about fixed-income market developments.

    We call the language Fixed-ology, and this presentation is part of it. The financial advisors among your readers are invited to download our full library of 2009 Fixedology e-books at

    Next time you’re in Chicago, please stop by to say hello.

    Laura Gregg, Northern Trust

  2. Thanks for your comment, Laura. Please congratulate your team on their great accomplishment!

  3. By the way, there's a conversation going on about this presentation on the LinkedIn group for Financial Writing/Marketing Communications


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