Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ignore this advice--at least some of it

"10 Words to Use in Your Website Copywriting" gives you some great advice. But some of author Eric Brantner's suggestions need to be adjusted for investment management websites.

Eric lists 10 words that tug powerfully on human emotions. 

Can you guess which word I'd ban from your vocabulary? 

Yes, it's "guaranteed." Bandying about "guaranteed" can get you in trouble with the SEC.

I have my doubts about "new" when it comes to something as sensitive as your prospective client's money. I think they may prefer "proven."

As for "free," it may seem tacky to offer something free on an investment management website. Sure, you can offer a free report, but don't hype it like one of those late night TV commercials for a super duper chopping gadget.

"You" is my favorite word on Eric's list. But I know some firms consider it undignified. They prefer to talk about "clients" or "investors." What's your preference?

Susan B. Weiner, CFA
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