Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"50 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew"

"50 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew" by Sonia Simone  on the Remarkable Communication blog gives you some great insights into your clients.

Client opinion #10 is: "I don’t understand a lot of the messages you send me. Can you make them clearer?" That resonates with me.

I wonder about #16, "The wealthier I get, the more I like free stuff." Is that true of your clients?

How about #34? "I have the attention span of a goldfish. Go too long without contacting me and I’ll simply forget you exist."

Most important of all, at #50: "It really is all about me." 

Can you add something to this list that's specific to clients of financial advisors? 

I found "50 Things" thanks to "Top 10 Blog Posts for Writers (The Best From The Best in 2008!)"  by Michael Stelzner.

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