Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Convert Website Visitors into Leads"

You should use a strong call to action to convert website visitors into leads for your business, according to "Strong Call to Action - Convert Website Visitors into Leads" on the Hubspot website. If visitors give you their contact information, they're one step closer to becoming clients.

Hubspot advises you to:
  1. Keep it Simple.
  2. Make it Obvious.
  3. Most Important: Make it Valuable.
For example, I observe these rules on my website by:
  1. Saying simply "Receive My E-newsletter!" on my sign-up box 
  2. Placing the sign-up box in the upper right-hand corner of every page of my website
  3. Offering value by providing a monthly e-newsletter
How could you apply these tips to your website? If you're an investment manager, consider offering an email subscription to your investment commentary.

Susan B. Weiner, CFA
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