Thursday, November 4, 2010

On the Investment Writing blog during October

Here's what I covered on my InvestmentWriting blog during the previous month:

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  1. Just wanted to post a thank-you. You know why. You're a good friend, for starters.

  2. Financial Advisor Marketing - How to Express Your Value

    As you know, you have many opportunities to speak to a prospective client whether you are giving a lecture/seminar, or you meet someone out at a party, a restaurant, etc., the circumstances really do not matter, there are things you should say and NOT say in order to express your value.

    Try to eliminate YOURSELF from the conversation and make it all about them. Avoid saying "I" if at all possible. Avoid talking about the specifics of the services you perform or provide. Instead, focus on the value that the prospective financial advisor lead will obtain/enjoy/receive as a result of using your products or services. This is a really important point. Many of us tend to focus on, “I do this”, and “I do that”. What your prospective client really wants and needs to hear from you is, “By coming to my office/business, here is the value you will receive as a result of using me, my products, or my services.”

    In other words, it's all about the value of what you offer and not necessarily the specifics of your products and services.


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