Saturday, August 1, 2009

How to punctuate bullet-pointed lists

Have you ever used a bullet-pointed list in a memo, report or PowerPoint presentation? Are you punctuating your lists correctly? Or maybe you're not as compulsive as me about these picky points.

Anyway, here's what one reference book,
The Grammar Bible, says:

"If a sentence follows the bullet, place a period at the end. Words and phrases that follow bullets need no ending punctuation. It is never necessary to place the conjunction and before the last item in a bulleted list."

Does this make sense?

If it doesn't, then post a comment with a sample bullet pointed-list. I'll give you my suggestion on how to punctuate it.

This is a repeat of a post I originally wrote in January 2006 for another blog. A writer friend recently asked me for this information, so I figured it's time to post it for readers of the Investment Writing blog.
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