Sunday, July 19, 2009

Useful LinkedIn Groups for investment and wealth management job hunters

Generous job hunter Steve Hartel shared some of his LinkedIn group recommendations in his comment on my blog post, "What are the best LinkedIn Groups for job hunters in investment and wealth management?" I've provided links to the groups below.

Here's what Steve said:

Here are a few groups that I like for their job listings:
Financial Services Career Center Investments
Finance & Accounting Professionals

For good topic-specific groups, I like:
Wealth Management Group
Financial Executive Networking Group (open to FENG members only)
Financial Planner Alliance
Greater Boston Estate Planning Professionals
Wealth Management Exchange

Another LinkedIn member pointed me to the CFA Careers group on LinkedIn.

While I was poking around LinkedIn, I noticed that JP Morgan Chase is posting its job listings to a LinkedIn Group. I wonder how many other financial services companies are doing this. 

I welcome feedback on this post or additional suggestions of helpful LinkedIn groups. I know some great people who need work. I'd like to see them land jobs soon.

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